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Our Mission

The mission of Kinetic Properties, LLC is to provide comprehensive management services for owners of commercial properties and proactive management for tenants with integrity, honesty and transparency. That mission is driven by our passion to provide those services in a manner that is unparalleled in our industry.

Buy, Sell, Manage, & Maintain

Our passion to achieve what we’ve laid out in our mission is guided by the following principles.

Honesty – Kinetic Properties, LLC will strive to always be truthful. Kinetic Properties, LLC will be intentional in its effort to do nothing that we have to make an excuse for later.

Integrity – The business practices of Kinetic Properties, LLC will be dictated by decisions that take in to consideration what is right for our clients before taking into consideration what is profitable for Kinetic Properties, LLC.

Transparency – Communication with our clients will be a top priority for Kinetic Properties, LLC. Kinetic Properties, LLC will use all the technology at its disposal to provide our clients with the ability to see, in real time, what is happening on their properties. Kinetic Properties, LLC will provide accounting for money decisions and actions that satisfy our clients need to feel comfortable with our management of their asset.

Competency – Kinetic Properties, LLC will use all means possible to teach, train, educate and coach our employees in the understanding of property management and all that entails to the end that our residents and clients are provided with the least amount of legal exposure possible.

Responsiveness – Kinetic Properties, LLC will be a company that responds to the needs of our residents, clients, potential clients and employees in a manner that is not only timely, but urgent. Kinetic Properties, LLC will understand that we exist to serve before being served. We will understand and practice the truth that, without our residents, clients and employees, Kinetic Properties, LLC will cease to exist.

Teamwork – Kinetic Properties, LLC will instill in every person that works for and/or is part of the Kinetic Properties, LLC family that we will always accomplish more together than we could ever hope to accomplish separately. This ethic will extend to the vendors that work for us.

Advancement – Kinetic Properties, LLC is committed to providing a non threatening work environment in which people can be taught, nurtured, encouraged and protected while helping them to realize their full potential…whether they continue with Kinetic Properties, LLC or not.

Kinetic Properties, LLC

50 NE Tomahawk Island Drive
Portland, OR 97217

Ph: 503-305-7204
Fax: 503-303-5809

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm

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